Projection Creative is a digital brand marketing agency, and is seeking committed and charismatic creatives who want to radiate brands, build businesses, and propel virtuous missions. 
- Experience in marketing, advertising, promotions, or creative project management (3-years min)
- Competency in creating, tracking, and monitoring branded campaigns end-to-end, reacting and revising as required
- Skill in managing, offering, and guiding our collection of brand agency services
- Establish consistent, reliable lines of communication with client partners and their teams
- Organized, responsive, and respectful of timelines, commitments, and agency resources
- Confident communicator who can engage in a range of subjects and industry contexts
- Creative technologist with experience in digital tools and social platforms
- Inquisitive approach to supporting business development and mission-driven organizations
- Manage individual client account activity to move their missions forward
- Contribute to the studio team - serving both the client and agency service partners in a responsive environment 
- Advocate on behalf of the agency to be a knowledge center and collaborative voice in the creative community
- Seek and attract new business by our visible actions and design excellence, fostering new client relationships built on local, regional, and national referral

Please provide introductory letter, portfolio samples, and resume. This is a full-time position based in Louisville, KY. ​​​​​​​
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