Derived from the greek - think 'hurdy-gurdy' with a member profile.
Promethean works together from over 12 office locations and hundreds of remote/home offices around the world.  Connecting them with one central portal was a tall order, but Symphonia solves the issues with communications, internal announcements, news, and commentary to Promethean's 1200+ global staff.

Symphonia was built on Telligent's Enterprise Community Server platform, and employs a powerful set of social media tools for member-to-member interaction.

The team developed the entire content structure, brand identity, membership role hierarchy, and networking groups and have seen a dramatic improvement in the inter-office communication and workflows.

Each team within the business has a dedicated section for updates, news, file-sharing and content - completely managed at the team level by their group moderators.

My role in the build of Symphonia was User Experience Designer and Branding Lead.  I managed the development of the site branding - and called on Atlanta brand agency Iconologic for some assistance in this area.  They took my concept and brought it in line with the bigger Promethean brand story.  See final imagery below.
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